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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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"They did it first"? Seriously? Why does that matter at ALL? Poisoning the atmosphere of a planet in the DMZ with people living on it in order to catch one terrorist either IS OK or IS NOT OK. That the Maquis did the same thing to the Cardassians first is irrelevant.
Actually, it's very relevant. By attacking those Maquis colonies, Sisko ensured that they would have to move somewhere else - to the Cardassian colonies that were first attacked. Like I said: No one was left homeless, there were no casualties, as a result of Sisko's actions.
Because uprooting and moving to a new world is SO EASY AND PAINLESS. I mean, it's not like a bunch of colonists not being willing to do exactly that was the basis for a big story arc, or anything.

Besides, Sisko didn't attack those colonies TO balance the scales. That was basically luck. He only did it to flush Eddington, and he only wanted to do THAT because he wanted revenge. Not only is the action of using this weapon against a civilian population deplorable, but his motivations were questionable, as well.
There are exactly two possibilities here:

- Eddington attacks, and Sisko does nothing. Many Cardassians are killed.

- Eddington attacks, and Sisko responds in kind (what actually happened). Maquis and Federation colonists exchange. No deaths.
Possibility 3:

Sisko DOESN'T use WMDs against a civilian population, and he & Starfleet find some other way to stop Eddington.
So tell me, why isn't a scenario in which no one dies, infinitely preferable to a scenario in which there ARE deaths?
Of course that statement is true in a vacuum. But you're intentionally stripping away the context in order to vindicate Sisko. If you strip away the context in a different manner, you get:

"So tell me, why is a scenario in which a Starfleet officer uses a biological weapon against a civilian population acceptable?"
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commanderkai wrote: View Post do we know nobody died?
Because we would have heard about it if anyone had.
We would? How do you know this?
More importantly, Sisko is a Starfleet officer, and as he stated in "Rules of Engagement", Starfleet officers aren't even allowed to put civilians in potential danger to save yet it's suddenly okay to put enemy non-combatants in danger to capture one man? Starfleet is supposed to be the ones who go out of their way to take the high road. They're not supposed to play dirty.
EDDINGTON WAS A STARFLEET OFFICER AS WELL, GADDAMMIT! What gives HIM the right to turn traitor?!? If anyone here played dirty, it was him!
Uh... yeah?

That isn't even relevant. Yes, Eddington was a Starfleet officer. Yes, he turned traitor. Yes, he played dirty. Those are all true.

None of that in any way justifies Sisko using this weapon against a civilian target. Yes, Eddington played dirty, but he'd already turned terrorist by that time. His actions are not justifiable, but they are at least logical, given his character; Sisko's are neither.

commanderkai is right to cite "Rules of Engagement." Sisko flat-out tells Worf that he skidded by, and was just lucky that the ship turned out to be empty (and the whole thing turned out to be an extremely circuitous plan by the Klingons to discredit Worf and Starfleet). He reminds Worf that Starfleet officers simply do not put civilian lives in danger. "We really gotta catch Eddington" doesn't strike me adequate justification to throw that out the window.

The episode even has Sisko SAY "Maybe it's time I became the villain" before taking this action! So if they really wanted to go down this road, then DO IT. Have the ep proceed exactly as it did, and then have serious consequences befall Sisko & crew for their actions.

If you're not willing to face the music, don't pull the trigger (that being directed at the show's creators, in this instance).

And this is all in addition to what I alluded to earlier: that the incredibly convenient, planet-swapping, "this biological agent affects Cardassians but not Federation races, and this other one does the exact opposite! Incredible!" scenario is pretty stupid anyway, and undercuts the entire Maquis story arc.

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