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Re: Bill Nye: “Creaetionism is not Appropriate for Children”

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Not true; someone had to have been the first to come to sapience of the sort that we recognize today.
False. Humans didn't just suddenly show up. It was a gradual process that occurred over millions of years. You can't have one true human but an entire population that became more human through natural selection.

It also follows, based on what we know of human needs, that this individual would seek a mate of similar intellect,
Recent DNA analysis showed cross species mating all through the evolutionary process. Humans are not distinct. We share 99% of our genes with Chimpanzees.

And thank you to MLB for reiterating the point that there need be no conflict between science and faith--only between science and literalism.
Even the most liberal interpretation of Christianity requires certain absolute principles. There needs to be ONE God. Jesus has to be his son. There needs to be original sin or Christ's sacrifice will be meaningless. Evolution challenges these notions on many level.

Prayer, IMHO, should be a spur to action and one of the ways it helps, in addition to what one most commonly hears, is to help prepare body, mind, and spirit for the tasks to be done or those in progress.
But that's not the purpose of prayer. The Bible is pretty explicit of what prayer is. It's to commune with God to ask for guidance and divine aid. Any other benefits are ancillary.
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