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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
^ Then they will be disappointed.
Curses! Foiled again!
I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!

Yminale wrote: View Post
I'm not talking about science. I'm talking about human society.
A society built upon the foundations of critical thought, reason, and rationality, all of which are present in the sciences.

You can't replace all "truths" with facts and anyone who claims so is lying.
You can when those "truths" are bullshit.

So it's ok to talk about religion collectively but not for Atheism. Anyway this agenda is well known within atheist circles. I should know. I've read many of their essays and heard some of their talks. They openly state among themselves that their agenda is to promote science and critical thinking to diminish and even end religion. Honestly if you haven't noticed then you are not paying attention.
Has it yet occurred to you that I may be an atheist?

All of these people are controversial and divisive. Doesn't the controversy they generate prove my point.
No, because there will always be someone who will find themselves offended.

Things change but I wouldn't call them better. We have more stuff that we really can't afford. The illusion of progress is not progress.
Better food, safer energy, life saving medicines, higher standards of living, rapid innovation, worlds of discovery. Those aren't illusions. Religion didn't bring them. It took a lot of hard working men and women, in their respective fields, to bring it about, even in the face of orthodoxy, and the religions that felt such sciences were intruding upon god's domain.

Debatable. Christianity in America for the most part has followed the general trends in society. Generational shifts often bring in new ideas.
Mainstream Christianity is usually dragged, kicking and screaming, into each new era. Look at the current issue on same sex rights in the U.S. as a prime example.

I merely comment on the human condition. Humans are not as virtuous as many people think they are.
No one here has said they were. Again, you infer without addressing actual statements.

I know exactly what you said. You are trying to "beg the question" when you already know the answer. My point is that there is no one answer.
I am doing no such thing. For all of your "knowledge", you seem to know very little about what is actually being said.
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