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Re: Bill Nye: “Creaetionism is not Appropriate for Children”

Yminale wrote:
The bigger problem is evolution means no Adam.
Not true; someone had to have been the first to come to sapience of the sort that we recognize today. It also follows, based on what we know of human needs, that this individual would seek a mate of similar intellect, not just for survival reasons, but for the satisfaction of emotional and intellectual needs on both their parts. We can estimate when and in what region of the world this occurred, but as far as science goes, we aren't going to find any more than that, so far back into the past.

And thank you to MLB for reiterating the point that there need be no conflict between science and faith--only between science and literalism.

Similarly, to address another false dichotomy I saw here, it's also quite silly to insist that there is some sort of opposition between prayer and action. Prayer, IMHO, should be a spur to action and one of the ways it helps, in addition to what one most commonly hears, is to help prepare body, mind, and spirit for the tasks to be done or those in progress. Some people who pray may not be in a position to act, but IMHO, as the verse goes, faith without works is dead. If someone's using prayer as an excuse for put it in Internet terms we can all understand: ur doin it wrong.

Oh, and on the point of illegality? In the US, anyway, I might remind people of the First Amendment. It simultaneously prohibits the government from allowing a system of belief or unbelief to be favored in the public schools (this would be establishment of religion or irreligion by the state), and prevents the government from making or enforcing any laws respecting the religious speech of private citizens (this would violate the citizen's right to free speech and religious expression), meaning that parents and private schools are free, as long as they do not incite violence, to teach what they believe is right. To make any law otherwise would not just be a violation of some obscure code--it would be a major constitutional violation. BOTH protections must be maintained...not just the one that each of the hardliners in this debate seems to consider most favorable to them.
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