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Re: "Code of Honor" Ligonians: Humans or Aliens?

For the black people and Oscars thing, I think the key word in the point that was being made was “major.” Major roles are not supporting roles.

Best Actor – Forrest Whittaker in Last King of Scotland (see below)

Best Actor – Denzel Washington in Training Day (worst character I think he played up to that point)

Best Actress – Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball (horrible, abusive, and dysfunctional mother)

The only exception I can think of is Jaime Foxx as Ray Charles in Ray. I don’t hold Forrest’s role against him because I don’t think that’s fair when you’re playing a real person, but the guy was an evil tyrant and completely nuts. Mr. Charles had some messed up periods in his life because of drug use and infidelity, but overall, he seemed like a decent person.

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I'll be back to answer later. -- Oh wait, I'd better do this now since it looks like you have a statement of mine in your post as if it is your own. I'm going to guess this was an innocent mistake on your part, but fixing the quote in my own post is the only recourse I have at the moment. I like accuracy in posting.
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