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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

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Existential truth has no place in science,
I'm not talking about science. I'm talking about human society.

The problem is replacing fact with "truth". That's where critical thinking comes into play.
You can't replace all "truths" with facts and anyone who claims so is lying.

You sure do speak a great deal on what Atheists like to do and think. It's as if you've decided they're all the same and not worth speaking about on an individual level.
So it's ok to talk about religion collectively but not for Atheism. Anyway this agenda is well known within atheist circles. I should know. I've read many of their essays and heard some of their talks. They openly state among themselves that their agenda is to promote science and critical thinking to diminish and even end religion. Honestly if you haven't noticed then you are not paying attention.

You mean people like...
All of these people are controversial and divisive. Doesn't the controversy they generate prove my point.

Of course things can and do go wrong. We're human, and we're very fallible. Still, the evidence does win out, and things do change for the better.
Things change but I wouldn't call them better. We have more stuff that we really can't afford. The illusion of progress is not progress.

This generally does not happen in a religion, because it is a closed system.
Debatable. Christianity in America for the most part has followed the general trends in society. Generational shifts often bring in new ideas.

The only appropriate response to this is a facepalm. You actively pride yourself on the virtues of ignorance.
I merely comment on the human condition. Humans are not as virtuous as many people think they are.

You're inferring things that no one has said.
I know exactly what you said. You are trying to "beg the question" when you already know the answer. My point is that there is no one answer.
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