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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

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we can't talk about evolution because that's against God..
And the thing is, evolution doesn't have to be against God.
Evolution is agnostic. It doesn't require God. You could rationalize it and say God put everything in motion but if you believe in an active God and not a passive one, like most people than you can't support evolution. People like to shoehorn purpose in to evolution but this is just wishful thinking.

For me to believe evolution is anti-God would be to put a constraint against Him - i.e. that God could not have set evolution in motion. That's something I can't do.
The bigger problem is evolution means no Adam. No Adam means no original sin. No original sin means no universal doctrine of forgiveness aka Christ died in vain because people theoretically could be sinless. Evolution basically threatens the very core of salvation since that mean Jesus is not the only way to heaven. Now do you see why people fight so hard.
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