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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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Actually, it's very relevant. By attacking those Maquis colonies, Sisko ensured that they would have to move somewhere else - to the Cardassian colonies that were first attacked. Like I said: No one was left homeless, there were no casualties, as a result of Sisko's actions.

There are exactly two possibilities here:

- Eddington attacks, and Sisko does nothing. Many Cardassians are killed.

- Eddington attacks, and Sisko responds in kind (what actually happened). Maquis and Federation colonists exchange. No deaths.

So tell me, why isn't a scenario in which no one dies, infinitely preferable to a scenario in which there ARE deaths? do we know nobody died? More importantly, why is it that when Eddington attacks, and Sisko does nothing, people die, but when Sisko responds in kind, nobody dies?

The Maquis scrambled to try to evacuate said colony, but there's no guarantee they were successful or that everybody was extracted. Considering the CGI suggested that the chemical or biological agent seemed to be rapidly spreading through the atmosphere, the assumption can be made that yes, people did die, considering how difficult it might be to get shuttles to remote homes and communities.

More importantly, Sisko is a Starfleet officer, and as he stated in "Rules of Engagement", Starfleet officers aren't even allowed to put civilians in potential danger to save yet it's suddenly okay to put enemy non-combatants in danger to capture one man? Starfleet is supposed to be the ones who go out of their way to take the high road. They're not supposed to play dirty.
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