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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Great job on those observations articles! I look forward to each new one; they can't come fast enough!

I particularly like the set redress observations; even more so when they are accompanied by screenshots from the TOS films (from the same camera angles even). Since the film sets were overbuilt for the purposes of the Phase II series in 1977, there were many details and angles we never saw in the films. If the series had happened we almost certainly would have seen much more of, say, Kirk's quarters, but at least we got to see more when the sets reappeared in TNG (like when Kirk's quarters showed up in "The Battle" as Picard's quarters -- the desk, etc.). So despite the budgetary reasons for the reuse of the sets, I've found it great fun to see previously unseen parts of these very well-thought out designs.

Without going too far off-topic, the refit bridge set is my fave. It's hard to believe that barely 10 years passed between this (from Phase II):

...and the Stargazer / battle bridge in TNG. IMHO they really mutilated the front of the set for the battle bridge with that big ugly wall -- ruining the graceful curves of the original set. And since I've never been a fan of the Constellation class exterior (too kitbashy), I've always wished they had kept the original plans to use the Constitution refit as the Stargazer and then used the original refit bridge as well. It was such an iconic set. It's also interesting to note that while Robert Wise shot the bridge set so statically in TMP, Nicholas Meyer really had fun with it, zooming in on and highlighting many of the intricate backlit displays (like the yaw, pitch, and roll displays on the helm -- visible in the above photo) and practical switchgear (the weapons station, etc.). So we (and the film / show creators) can thank the Phase II designers (Mike Minor, Lee Cole, and others) for sets that could hold up so well into the '90s for TNG!

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