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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

Yminale wrote: View Post
I don't think humans will ever lose their sense awe or desire for existential truth.
Who says anything about losing their awe for anything? Still, I will point out that "existential truth" is just a flowery term for "I don't understand it, so I'll just make shit up to explain it". It's like "homeopathic remedy", in that it seems like it has the cure, when all it really has is a way of taking in the gullible and the disadvantaged.

That being said we should separate religion from spirituality. Spirituality is deeply personal and individualistic but the issue is the communal nature of religion. A shared truth is what makes a religion and difference in truth is where in theory religious conflicts occur.
Hence my statement where I separated the two.

No but atheist want to use science to promote a certain world view. Whether it's right or wrong is not the issue. I just think Atheist should be honest about it.
Do they? You know this for certain? When I say I'm being honest you don't accept that I am being honest?

I can't say it's good or bad.
I can. It's good when people throw away myths in favor of facts, and I'm not asking you to justify the value of religion, I'm saying that believing a myth out of ignorance is bad, while accepting scientific data through critical thinking is good. It's not that difficult a concept.

Essentially you want me to justify the value of religion and I can't do that.
If religion is only valuable if it is unquestioned, or loses value when questions are asked, what does that say about the religion and the people who choose to follow it?

Or, to paraphrase Mr. Asimov, "your ignorance is not just as good as my knowledge".

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