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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

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I am sick and tired of religious people acting like they are so deeply, thoroughly persecuted in Western cultures. You have an astonishing degree of freedom to believe and practice as you wish, and yet when it is suggested that we teach actual science, it is seen as an effort to stamp out religion entirely.
We've been teaching evolution in schools for well over a century. The new suggestion from Nye is that we don't let parents teach their kids religion. That would put quite a damper on the "astonishing degree of freedom to believe and practice."

Another point is that evolution and modern science are not something we learned because it was just spoon fed to kids. It was developed through hard thinking, in which scientists had to convince themselves of things that were contrary to their own beliefs, instincts, and understanding. Trying to take the easy way out by mandating orthodoxy won't improve critical thinking skills, skills in which far too many of today's scientists are already horribly lacking, which is perhaps one of the reasons that an alarmingly high percentage of scientific papers are junk that can't be replicated even by the scientists who published them. That in itself is an interesting scientific subject.
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