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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

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If you read between the lines, I think that's exactly what he's saying. Religion only works if it's presented as unerring eternal TRUTH. Present that in any other way and its essentially meaningless. There you have the conflict between atheists and believers.
Religion? Maybe. Spirituality, certainly not.
I don't think humans will ever lose their sense awe or desire for existential truth. That being said we should separate religion from spirituality. Spirituality is deeply personal and individualistic but the issue is the communal nature of religion. A shared truth is what makes a religion and difference in truth is where in theory religious conflicts occur.

As for conflict, last I checked, I'm not the one trying to shoehorn mythology into the science class.
No but atheist want to use science to promote a certain world view. Whether it's right or wrong is not the issue. I just think Atheist should be honest about it.

You're essentially telling me that kids learning to think critically may one day cast aside the religion they have found to be lacking in evidence. Tell me again why that is a bad thing?
I can't say it's good or bad. Essentially you want me to justify the value of religion and I can't do that.
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