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Re: The road to the R2 1/350 TOS Enterprise...

I'm on the list (one of the 1701 club) to get hold of one of the Premiere kits which includes alternate parts to build one of the three versions of the ship (1st pilot, 2nd pilot or production). I definitely want the lighting kit which R2 has also designed for easy of installation. I'm not inclined to get the weathering decal kit. I think I'd rather do any subtle weathering myself.

I am straddling the fence in one respect. I can't decide which version to build. It's really tempting to just go ahead and build the Kir era series production version, but I'm also fascinated by the idea of building a finished Pike era ship. This would have working lights and a few added details not yet put onto the 11ft. miniature when first built and used for "The Cage."

Decisions, decisions...

Oh, and apparently the box cover art was done by comics illustrator Alex Ross. Bonus.
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