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Re: The road to the R2 1/350 TOS Enterprise...

A small note. The image of the model on the magazine's cover is not the final product. The folks at R2 have reiterated time and time again that if they cannot get the gridlines down to a very fine scale such as seen on Tamiya aircraft models then there will be no gridlines at all. They insist the gridlines are to be as faint as possible or they simply won't be included on the final kit.

Also, the kit will be moulded in different colours to assist novice and paint challenged modellers. These different coloured plastics will also be a guide to help paint the model correctly. They've also taken the trouble to make painting this large kit much easier. Apparently a lot of the parts can be painted separately without masking before you need to attach them to the main body of the model. This also means that you can paint the assembled major components without a lot of masking (except for windows). Windows will be actual holes with clear parts for the actual windows rather than mere decals or raised detail like on smaller kits.

It's astounding to see how many parts are in this kit particularly when you consider how relatively simple the design of the ship is usually seen. The detail is incredible.

As revered as the original 11ft. filming miniature is there's no question this kit (when well built) will surpass the filming miniature in many respects.

This just keeps getting better and better.
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