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Re: Why the lack of personal protection?

I remember an early issue of the 1989 Star Trek comic book from DC, written by Peter David. Ensign Fouton was working on a phaser-proof body armor. He was successful, after a fashion, when during a test, it did withstand a phaser on disintegrate. Unfortunately, the mannequin wearing the armor was disintegrated, though.

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It's not just fights. Starfleet's really not so well equipped for a long-term stay in any environment that isn't SoCal Temperate. If I don't slip on a rock and give myself a concussion, I'm going to trudge through mud for a few hours and get trenchfoot. Joy of joys.
That's one of the reasons I loved the field jacket from Star Trek II so much. In addition to having pockets to hold gear, they also looked rather warm. It made sense for an away team to have such heavy and functional jackets.
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