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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

In the end creationism vs. evolution is all about control. Evolution is not a theory about the origin of life but the ORIGIN OF SPECIES. Organic chemistry has given us some clues about how life came about but we will never know the whole story. I personally don't think any creation story was meant to be taken literally. It was just filler, humanity's best guess at the time. The Hebrews came closest of all the ancient people but they did it by ignoring details ("God did it") or being metaphysical ("God pored his spirit/Breadth in to Adam") . The conflict arises because the control of the interpretation of reality is the ultimate form of control. The white patriarchy that rules America does not want to lose control therefore are fighting this meaningless fight.

That being said I don't want scientist to have that control either. They can be as biased as anyone else and "self-correction" can take generation to occur even with a mountain of evidence.
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