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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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Actually, the lily of the valley thing was a pretty hot fan theory going into the season finale last year. It's the reason why I've shied away from BB fan sites this year, it was still fun to see my favoured theory for how Brock got sick proven correct, but the season 4 finale lacked that gut punch for me as I was already expecting it.
Do you mean it was a hot theory before they diagnosed Brock as having been poisoned with it? Or just that once everyone knew Brock had been poisoned, everybody was theorizing that Walt had done it? because yeah, most everybody was theorizing that Walt had done it, once we knew about the Lily of the Valley being the diagnosis

I just mean no one could have known that they would do specifically that as a way to get Jesse away from Gus

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With Jesse and Skyler crossing paths these last two episodes, I can't help but wonder if they're going to team up at some point. Either to stop Walt or somehow pin all the blame and evidence on him alone...
Been considering that myself. I don't really see how they can pin everything on Walt, but stop him, they could
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