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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

Yeah I've noticed that Moonves seems to be very well inclined towards Netflix where other channels regard it as Satan. And of all the possibilities kicked around, it makes the most sense for a new Star Trek series to be launched as a joint CBS-Netflix project. There may be hope yet!

As for running time, that becomes moot for a Netflix produced series. You could just watch as many episodes as you like at one time, or a partial episode, and have the running time be whatever suits you.

How long it takes to tell a story is a creative decision. It could be one hour or twenty hours. That's a producer side question. For the consumer, its up to us how much of the whole story to watch at an given time. Its become standard for cable shows to be entirely serialized, and we can watch one episode at a time or just save up a whole season for a marathon.
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