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Re: Columbia House VHS

Hell, I just recorded the show when it was on TV, reruns and all to "collect" the show. Of course it was in "as it aired/syndicated" order and not episode order. For space sake I recorded them with the VCR set to "EP" which got about 6 episodes or so -but looked like utter ass. I also rarely paused-out commercials as it required too much work and attention to the show and it'd create some serious clipping when the commercial ended.

Yeahhh.... I don't think I got through even half the series recording that way and buying the episodes on official tape just wasn't practical for me then (a high schooler.) So I just accepted watching the show in reruns on cable.

When it re-appeared on TNN in the late '90s/early 2000s I was excited though the episode was squashed a bit so TNN could run a ticker/advertisement bar at the bottom of the screen but not do it over the video. Looked like ass.

Then, AHHHHHHHHHH, the DVDs started coming out and I bought them up right away. Loved it.

Now here we are with BDs and I'm even more in heaven.
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