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Re: DS9's growing popularity

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^ I think it might be telling for the characters, but Levar and Nana's characters weren't the most popular on their respective shows (at least not from my view). Captains are usually popular. Now, had the comparison been Mulgrew, Stewart, and Brooks, that would be fair, but still not necessarily telling of the shows.
I don't think Sisko is the most popular character on DS9, and I'm not sure if Janeway is on VOY. I just think that Janeway is more famous among casual fans and in pop culture in general as the first female captain in Star Trek (and more so than Brooks is as the first black captain), while Kira rarely gets mentioned as one of the kickass heroines of the 1990s TV (which is really unfair IMO).
I wasn't meaning to say that Sisko and Janeway were the most popular characters on their respective shows, just that captains tend to be popular. None of number one favorite characters from any series is the captain. Sad about Kira, but as has been said here, the series is still a little under the radar, and that's unfair too.

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I don't know about growing popularity but I have found that it is easier to turn non Trek fans onto this series than any other I have tried.
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I think you might have something there. DS9 is the only one where I started watching and just didn't stop until it was over. The rest of them didn't have that same appeal to me, but TNG came close.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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