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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

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If you don't believe that science has proved creationism wrong, you are not able to distinguish reality from fiction. And the ridicule you should be subjected in this life is worse than any imaginary hell.
Actually, science can't prove creationism wrong, which it admitted long ago (I believe the era when that was last seriously debated was with Aggasiz (sp?)). The point was that science can't disprove that God put all those fossils in the Earth in a particular sequence for us to find, or that he'd made the world so that experiments and inquiries would turn out to make the world appear far older than it is.

Pro-evolution scientists made the point that although they couldn't refute the creationist-scientists' arguments about God rigging the data, those arguments also rendered all attempts to glean knowledge through observation and experiment a cheap charade in a parlor game, making science itself, along with human reason, useless for understanding anything.

So science can't prove that evolutionary biologists aren't trapped in the Matrix, performing fruit-fly experiments in a computer-generated dream world, but the fruit-fly experiments will continue nonetheless, because if we're in the Matrix, it really doesn't matter whether we're learning about fruit-fly evolution or leading the church choir. It would all be BS anyway.
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