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Re: No News, No Nothing!!

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Silly question maybe, but did a part of you feel sad for knowing EVERYTHING about The Dark Knight Rises before you even saw the movie, since you wrote the novelisation??
Not a silly question. But it's an occupational hazard. I try to avoid spoilers on projects I'm not professionally connected to, but once I sign onto a project, I figure that's just the price I pay for landing the gig--and I want all the info I can get so I get all the details right.

Right now, I'm happy not knowing anything about the next Trek movie, but if somebody offered me a chance to write the novelization . . . let me get my hands on that script!

Fortunately, there are too many movies a year for me to write the novelizations for all of them! So I got the unspoiled experience for THE AVENGERS and I got to compare THE DARK KNIGHT RISES to the script I read last year. It all evens out in the end.
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