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Re: "Code of Honor" Ligonians: Humans or Aliens?

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It's considered terribly racist because it glaringly hits upon African sterotypes and the plot summary is "white woman kidnapped on planet full of black people!" A few bumps aren't going to fix that.


In a nutshell, this. I agree completely. It would probably not have changed a thing.

The choice of words made me giggle though.
Haha, glad to be of service. Some of those season 1 episodes, you just have to wonder "What were they thinking."

Next week on TNG! After saving Tasha from the planet of black people, our crew boldly goes to the planet of scantily clad blond haired, blue eyed people known as the Arya-- I mean Edo!

You just have to poke fun at things like this.
If the the races of actors of those episodes were switched, we might have seen more humanoid races where the actors portraying the race were non-white.

But as R. Star pointed out...the "perfect people" of the following week's Justice are Aryans, while primitives are portrayed by blacks the previous week. (Add to that craziness...a sex planet where a 15year old Wesley is thinking only about innocent soccer relationships with native girls? Really?)

Because of that bad casting, we never got to see more humanoid races that were portrayed by actors of a different ethnicity or group. (So Indians for example, might have only had 1 or 2 rles in an episode, rather than everyone but the Trek crew).

If only they had a race equal to the Federation, like in Darmok..then minorities might have had a better go at it on Trek.

Instead, the humanoid races seemed to be later portrayed as either all white, or some random minority thrown in the background.
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