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Re: Why the lack of personal protection?

Worf created a makeshift personal forcefield with 2 commbadges.
The only reason it lasted a few seconds was the power supply.

Alternatively, personal forcefields were mentioned in Ds9 (just never used/conveniently forgotten).

Trek writers effectively dumbed down Trek itself to the levels where it became late 20th century/early 21st century in space.
They also retained A LOT of things we have today and moved away from a lot of which Roddenberry established in order to make the show 'relate-able' (which was utterly idiotic and unrealistic for Trek, not to mention real life itself).

Another example of personal forcefields was in TNG where the away team used wrist bands to protect themselves from effects of the frozen time on Enterprise-D.
Voyager also used similar devices to push subspace fractures, and later on Seska used one to create a personal field to protect her from the radiation as she retrieved the console which exploded onboard a Kazon ship.
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