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Re: The Great Star Trek Pocket Novel Reread

Trek to Madworld is kinda fun in a goofy, "We're doing a comedy episode now" kind of way, and David Gerrold's introduction is a classic piece of absurdism. But Death's Angel? I couldn't recommend that. I can't recall the mystery well enough to know if it was any good, because I was too distracted by the ludicrous aliens (giant blue crocodile, giant cat whose name is Japanese for "cat," giant koala, actual vampire, actual mermaid, talking pyramid with Egyptian-sounding name, etc., etc.), the out-of-character portrayals of the main cast (especially Spock, though he was even more out of character in the author's previous novel Vulcan!), and the most blatant Mary Sue in the history of professionally published Trek literature (or at least tied with Sola Thane from Triangle).
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