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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

I agree with Ben. Now in terms of religion--it could be argued that it has a place. Compare H.L. Mencken with, say John Brown

Mencken would be a wittier person at the dinner table--not a religious zealot of any kind. To Brown, slavery was more than unethical--it was sin. If you are an African American, John Brown was of more use to History than H.L. was

To the American mindset--an atheist is not someone who doesn't believe in the deity--that's you uncle Bill--but a hellfire club member in a puffy sleeve shirt. Sadly many Skeptics today have a libertarian bent. Ironically, Pat Robertson accepted (at least initially) AGW as real before Mencken fan Micheal Shermer did--and he of Skeptic magazine. Penn and Teller debunk all the gods--save mammon and supply side economics of course.

The fact is that we all have blind spots. There was no garden of Eden--but there was a fertile crescent in what is now Iraq. We saw what farming did in the Dust Bowl before we changed our ways. Being cast out of Eden was us overfarming--not respecting things. The muck of Adams bones were left by supervolcano Toba, which left a choke point in hominid evolution, keeping few ancestors to begin the world.

There was no planet filling Deluge, just the Black Sea filling.

Ironically, many gradualists thought any talk of catastrophism reeked of religious zealotry, so when folks used the Channeled Scablands to argue for Noahs flood, say, the backlash from the scientific consensus was to dismiss the evidence. The Young earthers were wrong of course--but as it turned out, the scablands WERE gouged by a flood from the failure of an ice dam after all:

Now that Gene Shoemaker is dead along with the Alverezs, we see the gradualists trying to take back ground. Think talk about Global warming denialism is bad with arguements over 200--300-400 parts per million? We have folks questioning the impact of a million megaton continent buster on the dinos.

Speaking of Dinos, the recent Skeptical Enquirer has an article where Young Earthers have to believe T Rex was a melon eater. Good grief!
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