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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

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The latest ep reminded me that there's one little thing that bugs me about this show, and I hate to mention it since I haven't looked forward to new shows this eagerly since The Wire. But they use gimmicky shots. Last night it was the POV of the hand opening the safe deposit boxes. A few episodes ago it was an upward shot through a table and a map which had somehow become transparent. Hitchcock always said the camera should be placed so the viewer feels they could see what it's seeing, it subconsciously draws them in. Every time they use a shot like that it takes me out of things a little. It seems like a gimmick that the show doesn't need. But that's small beer...
If the whole show was shot that way, I agree it would be a problem. But it's just a little bit of flash here and there for fun, to keep the show from feeling too oppressively dark and heavy.

Plus it's a way to make something as boring as opening safety deposit boxes (or cooking meth, or any of the other boring activities we see on this show) seem a little more cool and visually interesting.
Did anyone else find it peculiar that the camera shot in Hank's office, right after Walt removes the bugs, looked suspiciously like it was shot from a ceiling mounted surveillance camera? Could they have found the bugs & put Hank's office under surveillance? Could be something... could be nothing, but that's another reason why the occasional campy camera work is useful, to keep us off our guard

RIP Mike... I knew you're time would come & I pretty much had it pegged for when it happened, but your influence on the show will be missed, because you really were the only character that freely spoke everything that we all know is true

Never before have I really watched a show that manages to be so good, even though we already know what they are going to do. We all knew Gale had to die. We all knew Fring had to die. We all knew Mike had to die, & we have all known the entire time that Hank will find out about Walt. It's a series long cliffhanger, but we all know where is has to go. What we don't know is how they will do it.

That's what's so great about this show. Though there may be some surprises, there's no real twists.They want you to know what's going to happen, & they want to compel you to watch despite the fact, because they know that they can do it in a way you will never see coming. That's why I'm sticking to my guns & saying that Jesse is not a finished character unless he is the one that finally has to end this all by killing Walt

Lily of the Valley. Who the hell saw THAT coming? Nobody, that's who. It's not about what happens. It's about how it happens
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