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Re: Safer Nuclear Technology

Terrapower loks to use the waste too. As it stands, we have a lot of already minded and refined fissile material. It would have to be buried at any rate--or placed on the moon. Now much of the enriched stuff isn't in Yucca Mt. It is surrounded by high explosives for the purpose of implosion--and sitting on solid rockets! So take the fissile material, place in in metal and concrete bunkers, separate with neutron moderation rods and keep it cool with water. But here--this storage media is 90% or what an atomic plant is--so you might as well add a turbine and a separate water pipe to wrap around self contained water pipes so only heat is transferred from once source of water to another.

Newe pepple beds aren't needed. Now, yes you need a lot of water--but Sterling engines could be placed to get more waste heat.
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