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Re: New Frontier no more?

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I was just looking at Memory Beta, and read a descreption of the Brethern. Seriously, they were a body armour that fires pulse-weapons from the palms of their hands?? Iron Man anyone??

I'm so glad I stopped reading NF......
Every installment of "New Frontier" has had elements that are reminiscent of comic books and TV situation comedies, along with plenty of science fiction. This balance has neither increased (unless you count the addition of Arex and M'Ress, timeslipped characters from Filmation's TAS and PAD's own DC Comics issues of "Star Trek"), nor decreased.

Making a decision about a book series based on some fan's brief Memory Beta wiki update is never wise.

And what's so wrong about a 24th century science fiction character's armour being reminiscent of the gadget-filled gauntlets of Iron Man or Doctor Doom?
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