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Re: Windows 8 Discussion

I first experienced Microsoft's "Metro" paradigm when they changed how the XBox interface worked earlier this year. Honestly, I wasn't impressed. It took a long time to find things I was used to finding in seconds, and it still takes a while with some of the sliding tiles. If you miss what you're looking for, you might not find it again until you either A) wait for the tile you're looking for to slide back into view or B) be impatient and start bopping through the different tiles randomly, sliding with the controller in the hopes that you find what you're looking for. IIRC, as with the tablet target market for Windows 8, they made this change on XBox for Kinect users. Don't have a Kinect, and I never plan on getting one. Forcing me to change the way I do things because of a comparatively small subset of users is not good interface design decision-making and it looks as if they're making the same mistake with Windows 8 in a vain attempt to remain competitive with other tablet offerings - Epic Fail. Maybe they'll figure it out in a couple years with Windows 9 - unless, of course, this new behemoth Euro anti-trust lawsuit turns them into a smoking ruin with nothing left for R&D.

And no DVD/BRD support? Really?? Morons...
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