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Re: Is it worth it to see the other half of season one?

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Thank you so much, everyone. I'll check out the rest of the season then. Someone mentioned "Code of Honor," which was really bad to me, and I wondered if I was only signing up for more of that. I'm glad to hear that I'm not.

Just to offer a somewhat contrarian viewpoint: I agree with Mojochi's list, in that those are pretty much the best season 1 eps (and would add "Symbiosis"), and they ARE better than the likes of "Code of Honor" or "Justice". But the best of season 1 pales in comparison to the best of season 3-7; I'd say those eps top out at like 6.5 or maybe 7 out of 10. And depending on where exactly you stopped watching, you may still have some serious clunkers ahead, as well.

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Tiberius wrote: View Post
When you get to Season 7...

Skip Sub Rosa. Your brain cells will thank you.

if the goal is saving brain cells, skipping "Genesis" might be better advice. (I don't actually advocate skipping any episodes, because taste is subjective and you won't know what you missed).
IMO, "Genesis" is better than "Sub Rosa" (or season 6's "Man of the People"), though only by virtue of being slightly more watchable ("Genesis" is still dumber than a bag of rocks, but has some fun/cool moments; the other two don't even have that). I agree, though, that every ep is worth seeing once, if only to form your own opinion of it.

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