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VOY Caption This 85; Hakuchi Moya, we are here to caption Chakotay...

So I decided to briefly go back into doing some more character caption contests and finish off the characters I left behind. Starting with Chakotay...

And now; the winners...

The Janeway-in-a-bikini award goes to:

Turd Ferguson wrote: View Post

"Permission to speak freely, Captain? I think you'd look damn fine in this beagle-skin bikini."

The truth about Harry Kim;

Velocity wrote: View Post

You really fit in here, Harry. You're just like one of the girls!

Bravery knows no bounds...

T'Girl wrote: View Post

Janeway: "The Borg Queen and thousands of drone are right over that hill."

BeLanna: "And I'm sure the Queen will be simply terrified of the Captain's rock."

Next up, the small comforts award goes to:

LeadHead wrote: View Post

Doctor: Look on the bright side, you'll be gone long before the surprise party Neelix planned for you.

The abuse-of-position award goes to;

R. Star wrote: View Post

EMH: Yes Nurse, it's customary for all medical practitioners to test their massage abilities on their staff.
And now the special award:

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

EMH: At least it's not Lupus.

And a special mention to some double-captioning;

Bob Karo wrote: View Post
The Laughing Vulcan wrote: View Post

Kim: thinking "I think it might actually happen. I might get laid this time."
Girl with tray: "So, are you a lesbian too?"


Why, yes. Yes I am.

Congratulations to the winners.

Today's theme is obviously about Chakotay, so here are some pictures pertaining to the tattooed wonder:

Next contest will be up in about exactly a week, give or take an hour. For now;

Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

Caption contest: DS9
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