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Re: Could "Star Wars" happen in the 23rd Century Mirror Universe?

The most important aspect of Star Wars is the Force, and the fact that some inhabitants can manipulat for their own purposes, and the religious sheen over this. (eternal conflict of good vs evil and all that).

Either the Force does not exist in the Star Trek universe, or nobody knows how to use it, or if they do, theyre the Q and dont care about an eternal coflict of good vs evil.

So sure, you could introduce the superficial elements of Star Wars into Star Trek, lightsabers and all that, but that's too trivial to be more than an fanficcy exercise.

Mars wrote: View Post
You mean the Terran Empire is not the Dark Side?
No, because there's no metaphysical/religious aspect to their evil. The closest Star Trek has gotten to the Dark Side concept is the Prophets vs pagh'wraith, with Sisko awkwardly retconned into a Chosen One figure.

That was definitely getting Star Warsy, and the results weren't good. It came off as too shallow and contrived compared with the detailed, realistic and convincing political and character writing of the other storylines.

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I thought that what Trek 09 was.
In the sense that Star Wars set the style for all Hollywood popcorn action flicks forever after, you're right. Fans of The Avengers comic could just as easily level that charge at Joss Whedon. But really, its just the price any moviemaker must pay for entrance into the Top Ten box office. Would ou have preferred that Trek 09 had been a flop and killed the franchise for good?
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