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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

Walt has stepped down to new level of assholery in killing Mike solely because he was insulted and a bit jealous. I don't think he has killed for these reasons alone before.

I too was surprised to see Mike go this soon. I thought he'd definitely make it to the final 8 episodes -- must be a reflection of how much I like the character.

Such a warm scene with Walt and Skylar at dinner.

I don't think we have heard the last of the kid's death. Todd still has the bottle with the kid's prints on them -- and Todd is dumb. BTW, who said he is a better version of Jessie? In what way?

How would the DEA have arrested the lawyer? Did I miss it? He had a lot of money he couldn't explain, but that seems more like an IRS problem than DEA. Maybe this is what Saul was railing about. The lawyer didn't have the legal knowledge or kojones to stand up to the Feds. In the same situation, hard to see Saul rolling over without a HUGE damn fight and a still hot smokin' gun.
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