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Re: Way of The Warrior: Battle with the Klingons

The bit that seems to universally annoy us all is the hand-to-hand fight at Ops, though - and there it's difficult to put the blame for the Klingon failures on familiarity vs. unfamiliarity. It's just an open space into which the Klingons beam, to tactically advantageous "high ground" locations with their backs to the walls. They don't even appear to beam into "opposing" locations where they might risk shooting at each other. They should have an excellent field of fire for simply sweeping Ops clean of resistance with wide beams. Or, if disruptors don't cater for those, with rapid fire from multiple barrels.

Yet of every three Klingons beaming in, only one chooses to fire a ranged weapon. The other two rush into the middle with swords flailing, achieving nothing. Excellent planning and "use of terrain" down to that point, complete fumbling from there on.

Heck, when the first wave of intruders failed to take over Ops, the second wave should have consisted of photon grenades only!

Timo Saloniemi
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