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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

The Cartoon Network just tracks the kid demographic for the advertisers. Even if grownups watch in droves, we don't count for the purposes of profit. But does anyone not have a DVR or other timeshifting viewing means by this point?

EW story.

I like this quote:

"We've got some critical set-up this season to explore why the Sith triumph, why the Empire replaces the Republic, the kind of things that fans have always wondered about regarding this period. What do people*really*think of the Jedi? How is it that Palpatine had the Jedi eliminated and the galactic populace seems fine with that? What does it mean when Mace Windu walks in to the Chancellor's office and tries to arrest him? Would the people be for that or against that? Palpatine makes it look like the Jedi launched a coup. How is it that people would accept such an explanation?"
of course the prequels already explained why the Sith triumphed (if the movies werent going to explain something as fundamental as that, why did they even exist?) I clearly recall that it was because Anakin was stupid enough to let Palps manipulate him into betaying the Jedi.

This is a stupid and unsatisfying explaining, but it is an explanation. However, the explanation is dependent on Anakin being a moron. Since Filoni has rewritten him to be too smart to fall for Palps' crap like that, a new explanation is now needed to make the story cohere once again. If it wasnt clear before that Filoni is rewriting the prequels, it should be now.

Similarly, if (as the quote implies), the people of the Republic became hostile to the Jedi, that's new information that is germane to the story, and should have been in the prequels. I got the impression that the general public was apathetic, and that in turn the Jedi were fools for fighting for people who didn't give a shit. This is another stupid aspect of the prequels that could stand some rewriting. By the time Filoni is done, we just might have a great epic here!
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