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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

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I do not believe Iconian Obex ships are available.
What choices to I have for different looking ships? My aliens are not part of any existing faction, so I don't want them to look like they are using klingon or gorn or romulan ships.

syberghost wrote: View Post
You cannot use Gary Seven. That actor's face appeared without heavily obscuring makeup effects, so you cannot use it without permission of the Robert Lansing estate; thus, it violates the Foundry EULA.

You can MENTION Gary Seven, and you can have text conversations with objects through which he is speaking, but you cannot depict his likeness.

The usual method of getting around this would be to interact with another agent from his organization. For instance, the above mentioned holodeck mission featured Barclay's daughter.
This kind of hurts, because Gary Seven was my exposition character. According to TOS, he is the only one on Earth at this time who can provide the ship with the necessary information. There are no others of his organization here.

I suppose it could be done through a Beta 5 interface cube. Can I create a multi-colored cube?
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