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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

There are numerous spatial anomalies commonly used (by both Cryptic and Foundry authors) as wormholes. None of them look like the DS9 wormhole, which only occurs on the DS9 map, but since nobody has ever seen a wormhole, nobody knows if they're good wormholes or not.

I do not believe Iconian Obex ships are available.

You can create your own skins and put them on the aliens, to produce pretty much anything you like. Just pick an alien species that has the behaviors and weapons you want, and then stick another skin on it. I was in a mission the other day where the author spawned a bunch of fighters, and put Doomsday Machine skins on them. It was a holodeck thing.

However, your biggest obstacle here is going to be:

You cannot use Gary Seven. That actor's face appeared without heavily obscuring makeup effects, so you cannot use it without permission of the Robert Lansing estate; thus, it violates the Foundry EULA.

You can MENTION Gary Seven, and you can have text conversations with objects through which he is speaking, but you cannot depict his likeness.

The usual method of getting around this would be to interact with another agent from his organization. For instance, the above mentioned holodeck mission featured Barclay's daughter.
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