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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

Mike was a great character and Jonathan Banks did a tremendous job with it. A great exit scene, a man who maintained self-assurance even in death and a man who's running on pure fear and ego. It was interesting how they had established that Mike, the cold-blooded hitman, had some kind of moral center and wasn't completely out for himself. "A man got to have a code." Which also contrasts with Walt.

The latest ep reminded me that there's one little thing that bugs me about this show, and I hate to mention it since I haven't looked forward to new shows this eagerly since The Wire. But they use gimmicky shots. Last night it was the POV of the hand opening the safe deposit boxes. A few episodes ago it was an upward shot through a table and a map which had somehow become transparent. Hitchcock always said the camera should be placed so the viewer feels they could see what it's seeing, it subconsciously draws them in. Every time they use a shot like that it takes me out of things a little. It seems like a gimmick that the show doesn't need. But that's small beer...

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