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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

I have a Foundry idea, but don't know if what I envision is possible given the limitations of the Foundry. Let me post my story and questions here, and please, let me know if it's doable.

i don't want to invest dilithium if I can't make it happen.

it starts out with the ship getting a mission to head into Romulan space to investigate the formation of a wormhole. They reach the system, and do find a wormhole, and launch a probe to get data. While there, they are attacked by Hirogen. They manage to fight off the attack, and determine the wormhole leads to the Sol system. A second, much larger Hirogen attach force appears, and you decide to try and disrupt the wormhole instead of having this doorway to Earth sitting here for the Hirogens use.

Is there a wormhole for use in the Foundry

You head into the wormhole and detonate an explosive that disrupts the wormhole. Load screen.

You appear in space near Earth, you see Earth, but no spacedock or ship traffic. You do find a group of ships in high Earth orbit, who turn and attack you before you can react. You do battle, and defeat several. The remainder fly out of range. Your science officer monitors Earth communications, and you determine you are in the past, 1973 to be exact.

For story reasons, I see my aliens using Iconian Obex ships. Is this available for use in the Foundry

On the bridge, you have a discussion with bridge crew, then enter your ready room, where you find GARY SEVEN, who beamed there from his office in NYC. Seven's computer Beta 5 monitored the battle between your ship and the aliens. He gives you back story on the aliens and their objective.

over 200,000 years ago, the Iconians visited a world where two sentient species developed, the Mozz and the Ro'gaan. They have them technology, and they jumped from bronze age to 21st Century level in a generation. The Mozz were peaceful and applied the tech to science and defense, the Ro'gaan were belligerant and applied it to war. The Ro'gaan developed a biological weapon that began wiping out all life on their world. They attacked the Iconians and siezed ships, and left the planet. The Mozz developed a lifeboat, holding embryos and genetic material to preserve their species. They attacked an Iconinan gateway and managed to send the lifeboat away.

When the Iconians informed the Ro'gaan of what the Mozz did, the set out across the galaxy to find the lifeboat, and end their enemies forever. Today the Ro'gaan found the lifeboat.

Seven informs you that the lifeboat is buried in the desert of the American southwest, and he could use your help.

You order your ship to take a position behind the moon, and you take a runabout to the Earth with your away team and Seven.

Landing in the desert, you defeat groups of Ro'gaan that made it to the surface, and using the transporter on your runabout, beam into the lifeboat.

Can you create your own aliens to battle, or are you stuck fighting the delivered enemies

It's a large ship, that appears to be failing. over 30 percent of the samples onboard are already destroyed. You and Seven work to supplement the power of the ship. Once complete, a holographic message appears, of a Mozz, bequeathing you the future of their race.

Seven says the ship can't stay here, and you decide to beam the entire thing into your shuttle bay. You exit the ship, and it is beamed aboard. You and Seven part ways, and you head back to your ship. You arrive, and find yourself attacked by the Ro'gaan again, and you're force to destroy them all.

A program starts running without your permission. Seven's computer has uploaded a program to perform a slingshot to return you to your time.

You arrive, and sit in your ready room, researching the Ro'gaan. They are believed extinct, with no reliable reports of a sighting since the 20th century. You are then informed by your science officer that Starfleet has asked the Vulcans to take care of the Mozz. your science officer then informs you that there are two distinct species in the lifeboat, both Mozz and Ro'gaan.

You muse the Mozz are your kind of people, and you look forward to meeting them.
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