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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

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The same with creationism. It goes against what we know of the world, what we've learned through science.
What if there are things we don't know? What if there are forces in the universe that we aren't yet able to understand? What if "what we know of the world" changes? What if we learn something new, through science, that disputes what we thought we knew and believed to be fact?

Closed-mindedness can exist on either side of an issue.
You mean what if one day we discovered that the creationists were right all along? No. I'm perfectly comfortable calling that.

Science has a history of overturning previous misconceptions in science and expanding its own horizons. See relativity and quantum mechanics for two examples in the physical sciences.

So, I really don't know what your point is.
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