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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

61. Expendables 2: B+
62. Hangover 2: C
63. Moneyball: A-
64. Adventures of Tin Tin: B-
65. 2016 Obama's America: A-

Tin-Tin: I found the movie to be mostly enjoyable. The cute little nod at the start with the street artist drawing him more or less like his comic self was something I did catch. I feel some of my drop in grade might be due to some nods I didn't catch or didn't make sense. The adventure part of the film tied to an old legend/mystery was put together well. I just found myself at times floating out of the film. Still, I did recommend to my friend who as a 5&6yr old. I think they might really enjoy it.

2016 Obama: The first half of this film really explores a type of psychological look at Obama and his perceived idea of his father vs when a sister drops by to tell him that pedestal image you have is wrong. Interspliced it covers how his mother remarried and the influences of other men that Obama had growing up through college. It talked of what is documented about those men and the political leanings they have and would impart on a young Barry.
The second half of the film then goes on to show the setup for how a seemingly nobody whose done nothing gets elected to POTUS. It then connects how an Obama led Democratic Party has governed and connects to those radical communist and marxist men in his formative years of 12-22. The film doesn't include it but the FORWARD slogan is plainly clear. The thread used in the film to tie it all together is anti-Colonialism which does look like an interesting missing link in the deconstruction of who Obama is.

Love him or Hate him, you don't know him is a very apropos tagline for the film. I know this board is populated heavily with those who'll dismiss this film. It would be nice if some had the courage to view it though. I can and do view Michael Moore films and give him some credit where it's due. I doubt many liberals will do the same for this film though.
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