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Re: Locutus and Ben Sisko

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Sisko's had a rough past, with a very physical manifestation of what he lost standing right there before him. He hasn't led the comfortable life, is a single dad, and between getting exiled to a junkyard station and having your wife's murderer be the one that's making your child grow up in that cesspool is it any wonder Sisko wasn't happy or less than civil?
I understand this, and I believe this is what they were going for, however it makes Sisko look like a childish idiot. Picard was not himself and had no control whatsoever over his actions in BoBW. Sisko, a direct victim of those events, should care enough to do the research.

It isn't just unfair to poor Picard, but also kind of stupid to be this rude to an officer who outranks you, who is basically a celebrity and who has significant influence within Starfleet.

Sisko does get over it in the end, and I always thought he realized what a dick he was being, and that his anger was generated by his loss and not by Picard. All's well that ends well.
Oh don't get me wrong, Sisko -was- being rude and a dick to Picard. Blaming him for his actions as Locutus is hardly fair. But also completely understandable. That scene put a very opposite viewpoint to the victimization of the Borg. Whereas in Best of Both Worlds we saw Picard's utter rape and exploitation, in Emissary, the same battle we see Sisko's loss of his friends and wife along with those other 11,000 people. And it's Picard's face that haunts his nightmares. Really that exchange there was what made the Borg seem so evil.

As for Sisko's being rude to Picard? What was Picard going to do? Write Sisko up and send him and Jake back to Earth? I'm sure that would have disappointed Sisko a lot. He probably was subconsciously daring Picard to do it. Then he could blame the man for ruining his family and his Starfleet career. It really does put perspective on that Bajorian Prophecy where the Prophets are said to have saved the life of the Emissary. Sisko was on a dark road when we first met him.
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