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Below: My youngest playing with my Micromachines while watching The Empire Strikes Back.
Funny thing is, he was wanting to watch something like Mickey and the Beanstalk and then changed his mind, so I asked him if he wanted to watch Star Wars. Not sure what made me ask him that since he'd never watched anything non-animated before. When I asked him, he got this look on his face like a revelation had just hit him, and very slowly said "...Yeah!" I let him pick which of the 6 movies to watch, and he pulled ESB out!

BTW, I posted this on Facebook too, and several women I knew in high school were posting "awesome", "love it", etc. comments. Except I never knew any of these women to be into scifi at the time! Did they change their minds over time, or are they like myself and most other 38 year olds and don't care what people think anymore?
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