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Polly Walker, a thread of adoration

Clarice Willow.. played by the beautiful Polly Walker.

I was smitten in the first scene and remained smitten through the whole of Caprica. Polly Walker is one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. If I was going into V- World and had to create an avatar that looked different from me I would re-create myself to look like Polly Walker. I say this in all seriousness, she embodies a sharp eyed sensuous beauty I would envy if I was given to such things. Clarice Willow is also angry, dangerous and naive.. what a package. Alas I will never look like Polly Walker but I might someday have her as my avatar. Yes I actually found someone who could tear me away from Janeway. I knew I had seen her before but I kept myself from looking her up while watching the series.. and now have found out that she played Raana on Sanctuary a character I was also instantly smitten with. She had great subtext with Amanda Tapping's character too, quite overt.

See the adorable dent she has in her cheek..

And Polly Walker with Amanda Tapping in Sanctuary:


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