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I watched Battlestar Galactica recently in five weeks. I was completely obsessed with it. It swept me away. When it was done I listened to the music over and over. I avoided reading too much about it because I didn't want to get spoiled for Caprica. The anticipation was intense. I knew it wasn't supposed to be as good, but that's okay, that's what they said about Enterprise.

My very first clear impression was, bloody hell why am I getting a Charmed vibe here? Even the (so very bad) opening credits feels like Charmed.

Okay I decided to run with it. It is a brave move to make a spin off with such a very different feel. I can talk myself into anything (really). And I did find plenty of interesting things about it though I kept pausing it and refreshing the BBS and posting crap in the middle of episodes, something I never would have done with BSG. You DIED if you interrupted me watching BSG. Is it actually boring I wondered. And no... but fuck it was repetitive. There were whole episodes that were just the same as previous ones. Daniel struggles with his company. Joseph and Daniel look for their daughters. Daughters wander around smiting stuff and don't even seem to enjoy it. It did pick up towards the end, the two episodes before the finale I very much enjoyed (The Heavens Will Rise and Here Be Dragons), though the dragons were terrible.

I liked Lacey's arc, she was far more interesting than Zoe who seemed to have no personality at all. At one point Zoe says "the world is a cesspit that needs to be cleaned up" which is a very Cylon philosophy but there is nothing in Zoe's personality that explains why she feels this way. For a zealot there doesn't seem to be any heart behind it.

Other things I liked:

Great portrayal of gay marriage as completely normal and no big deal. People moaning about how having gay couples in Trek would be forcing some point need to pay attention.

Poly marriage was interesting too. I loved the birth bath scene, you don't see that on tv every day (the bath at home part, not the birth).

I thought it a satisfying portrayal of the worlds lost in BSG that we only saw in (mostly) post destruction flash backs. This is what will probably lead me to rewatch Caprica. When I rewatch BSG what I saw in Caprica will add some poignancy.

Cylons as self righteous teenagers with black and white thinking, hating mom and dad. I found the teenage computer genius thing hard to choke down but I liked that this was the genesis of the Cylon race.

POLLY WALKER. See other thread.

I must ask.. the dvd I had ended with scenes from the never seen next season. Is any of this available?

And finally, how 'bout this Caprican national anthem..

Caprica let us celebrate
Raise our hands despite the weight

"The weight"? What weight?


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