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Re: Bill Nye: “Creationism is not Appropriate for Children”

^ That's only true given what was discovered through the scientific method, which would have produced a completely different set of conclusions if Earth life had been fiddled with by an interstellar species traveling around terraforming planets. If we start terraforming on hosts of planets in other solar systems, fiddling with native organisms and mixing in species native to Earth and then fade from the scene, the galaxy will eventually fill up with millions of alien scientists from thousands of worlds who will have conferences on "the creator". Convincing them that the same small, slow, evolutionary changes they've observed on their own worlds since the sudden and dramatic acts of creation in their geological record is the same process that produced their "creator" will be a largely futile effort (and would probably make a nice short story).

For young children creation is a story that has an understandable cast of characters, a purpose, moral lessons, and a reasonably coherent narrative that can reinforce parental efforts to make children behave. Pretty much any creation myth could do the same, and we've been successfully using such stories for that purpose for thousands of years. Teaching them evolution before their minds can grasp it without filling with all sorts of misconceptions (like all the ones Steven J Gould used to write about) is difficult, much like trying to teach statics or thermodynamics to five year-olds.
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