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Re: Way of The Warrior: Battle with the Klingons

Well looking at the first Torpedo volley a lot of them miss, spinning off to where ever lost Torpedoes go.
...But seeing that there are about fifty targets to choose from, many might be on their way to a more distant meeting.

Are station Torpedos more powerful than ship standard too?
This was never suggested in dialogue or even the backstage books. I guess there's only so much antimatter you can pack into a torpedo. But if you connect your phaser bank to a bigger reactor, you get more destruction - and the station supposedly has a lot of power to offer.

Now of course you could say (as you do with the troops) Gowron is thinning out the older ships too. I don't think the older (D-7) design ever saw use in TNG.
Apart from an ages-old ship returning from a deep space assignment in "The Emissary", there was the ship that retrieved the two Klingon prisoners in "Heart of Glory". Second-rate assignment at best, I'd argue.

In DS9, these ships no longer fired torpedoes, but were instead fitted with red death rays that formed the first wave of an assault against a starbase. Perhaps akin to the real-world practice of mounting heavy weaponry on outdated ships that can no longer do independent combat but can still act as platforms for such special gear, say, in amphibious landings (and in this case in action against a stationary, heavily shielded target). One of these ships later saw action in "Rules of Engagement", paired with a BoP, and firing the red death ray against a convoy of transports. Again arguably second-rate duties...

Then again, in "Soldiers of the Empire", one of these ships was operating independently on the border against the Dominion and had to be rescued by Martok's BoP. That doesn't sound like second-rate duties. But Starfleet supposedly used Mirandas on such assignments, including the Tian An Men. Go figure.

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