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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Beat Arkham City on hard... got a new game plus going, also working on the riddle trophies... sweet jesus, there are just too many of them. But I'm still loving the game. Also booted up Arkham Asylum and started a play through on PC, I have the uhh... Platinum trophy on the PS3 version... whatever you get for 100%... and I think I'll do the same on the pc version. I really like those games.

I played through Super Mario RPG. Fun game. Still need to find Grate Guy though.

I started playing through SC2 single player on Brutal again, I already have all the single player achievements... it's just damned fun. I don't know what it is with replaying games right now, I have so many new ones to try.

I also ran through Ninja Gaiden on NES without a single continue. Was a close one, third final boss had me down to one hit. I did have one extra life remaining, but seeing as dying at that point sends you to the very beginning of Act 6, I think the battle was going to be decisive one way or another.

Maybe next up in retroville are Mega Man 1 through 6, or Castlevania 1 through 3 on NES. I just have to stop being lazy, crack open the carts and give them a proper cleaning first.
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