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Re: TNG era episodes into movie transitions idea..

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The deleted Quark scene in INS wasn't at the wedding party. It was at the end right before beam-out, Quark showed up with some Dabo girls in tow. Really odd appearance out of nowhere.

I don't have any links, I thought it was common knowledge regarding deleted scenes from INS. I think wikipedia or Trekcore or Memory Alpha has some info, it's not that obscure.
The wedding scene (if you're referring to Riker-Troi) was in Nemesis, not Insurrection. INS did have a reception on board the Enterprise at the start.

A few lines about Quark's (non-)appearance in INS can be found here.

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Paramount and the shows runners were extremely shortsighted. I seem to recall the reasoning had to do with wanting the TNG movies to appeal to wider audience. They feared if the shows tied into the movies, those who didn't watch the shows would somehow be confused.
This is a legitimate concern. Deep Space Nine wasn't exactly burning up the ratings, it was the Trek series underdog. Miring a TNG movie with DS9 continuity would require exposition that would be ultimately pointless in the grander scheme of the film. No standalone movie needs a TV series to set it up.
I don't see this as a concern. The OP's suggestion was not to change anything in the movie, but to add two scenes in DS9. One where the Defiant leaves to go battle the Borg, and another one, one or two episodes later, in which it comes back.

The syndication concern you voiced later in your post, is more valid, I think. Although if it is just one or two scenes in DS9, not a full episode, that concern is minor.

The biggest concern was probably that the DS9 writers didn't want to give up valuable screen time to plot points that had nothing to do with their show. And perhaps even more importantly, they probably didn't want to be forced to write out major characters and the Defiant for one or two episodes, while it was supposedly "off fighting the Borg". Still, I think it would've been cool. It would give more of the impression that the Trek shows take place in this vast fictional universe where a lot of other stuff is taking place at the same time.

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Extending the Romulan-Vulcan storyline from "Unification" could have been fantastic. Romulan treachery with real Romulans, real TNG-show style Warbirds, high politics and significant Alpha Quadrant consequences, a new Rommie main villain, and a role for Spock. That could have been done very well in capable hands.
That *should* have been "Nemesis" IMHO. What we got was sooooooo far from what I imagined it to be
Indeed, Nemesis could've been the movie in which the Romulans finally got to shine on the big screen as villain or allies, whichever way they had wanted to take it. Instead we got... wasted potential, let's say.
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